Equine dispatch services in Surrey,
Sussex and Kent

David Russell Equine provides sympathetic, professional equine dispatch services for old/ailing horses in distress or have passed away. I carry out a round the clock emergency call out service, operating seven days a week.

Dignified end of life service

With years of experience behind me, I can provide a sensitive, personal horse dispatch and disposal service for euthanised horses in Surrey, Sussex and Kent. I am also licensed to put sick or old horses out of their suffering.

It is never an easy decision to let go of a beloved pet, but I am here to carry out a humane, end of life service to give your horse a respectful end.

I carry out the following services:

If you need personal and sensitive equine disposal and dispatch services in Surrey, Sussex or Kent, contact David Russell Equine. I am here to assist you in the best way that I can.
Contact me on 07788 550 159