So, sometimes your hero wears a waistcoat instead of a cape!

David, thank you so, so much for your kind, unassuming professionalism helping me, a stranger, when I really needed you & for being my strength to help me give my beloved ‘stroppy old bat’ freedom from pain, vulnerability & wondering why she could no longer move normally – that must be horrific for a horse, particularly an air-headed race horse! My memory is more of how relieved she was to see me that morning & that she knew I never left her when she needed me. Her body, magnificent as it once was, had failed her & she is now free of it’s restraints.

I know that what you do is your ‘job’ but your compassion enables you to totally understand beyond the crude logistics & somehow you made it a privilege to help her… & me. I shall never forget that.

It’s two wholly inadequate words but from my heart & both our souls, thank you. Jackie & my Mel xx